Wedding Anniversary Food Ideas

When planning an anniversary party, whether it is grand or just a simple affair, you ought to be quipped with fabulous arrangement of food for the party. As the Irish proverb goes, “Laughter is brightest where food is best.”

Before moving on to explore food ideas, first evaluate the number of guests you are inviting. Food preferences of older guests would be different from those of younger ones. So, consider the preferences of guests, in general.

Anniversary party food

Needless to say, pay special attention to the tastes and preferences of the celebrating couple. Plus, try to come up with creative ideas to include the wedding anniversary theme in party, decorations and party food.

Food Ideas For Organizing A Wedding Anniversary Party

  • It is best to assign food arrangements to a good catering service in case of big parties with a huge number of guests. This is particularly helpful when you are hosting a grand and extravagant milestone anniversary party like 25th wedding anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary party, etc.
    Choose a variety of foods such as salads, cocktail sausages, dips, rolls, cold meats, fish, a selection of vegetarian fillings, etc. in the buffet. You can include exotic continental dishes as well. Avoid cheap buffet food.
  • For a milestone wedding anniversary party, you could take help from the menu of the original wedding and select certain fascinating dishes from there, particularly the desserts.

    Anniversary party food

  • When planning a small, intimate family meal, you can opt to prepare the meal yourself. Go for:
    homemade pizzas
    mini rolls
    mini quiches
    cole slaw
    cheese and cherry tomatoes on cocktail sticks
    carrot sticks
    seafood sticks
    breadsticks with dips
    appetizer platters
    marinated vegetables deluxe
    tortilla chips and dips
    fruit trifles
    small fruit or custard tarts
    summer puddings
    chocolate dipped strawberries
    shrimp salad
    pasta salad
    potato salad
    plain crisps and other packet foods

    You can choose from a host of other delicious vegetarian and non vegetarian finger foods to decide upon savory food ideas for a nice wedding anniversary celebration. Plus, select appropriate drinks.

  • In case the couple is fond of barbecue foods, you can plan for a fun and casual outdoor barbecue party.
  • Do not neglect kids while choosing the snacks, main course, drinks and desserts. In addition, it would be better to cut up most of the food items in easy-to-pick small pieces for children.

    Anniversary party food

  • Holding the celebration at a restaurant and ordering food according to the choice of guests as well as the celebrating couple is a popular and convenient idea for wedding anniversary in terms of food.
  • As for the cake, try to keep the topping and decorations matching with the anniversary theme. For instance, wedding anniversary cake for 50th anniversary can be decorated with golden yellow topping along with a beautiful cake topper. You can also consider getting a replica of the original wedding cake.

In case you are looking for ideas for preparing delicious food for a romantic dinner on your wedding anniversary, try to cook a dish that your partner likes the most.

Further, invent ways to incorporate the wedding anniversary theme, depending on the number of years you have spent together as a couple. After all, as George Meredith puts it, “Kissing don’t last; cookery do!”

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