Wedding Anniversary Decoration Ideas

Beautiful and inventive decoration ideas help create the perfect ambience for a wedding anniversary party. Formal parties for milestone wedding anniversaries usually require more emphasis on decorations.

Nonetheless, do not ignore the decorations in case of small gatherings. In fact, you can make informal parties or intimate family meals more exciting merely by including some simple yet splendid decoration.

Decoration usually includes the party banner, decoration of the entire party area, cake and table decorations, tableware, music and arrangement of other party supplies such as place cards, guest books, napkins, balloons, scatters, streamers, party poppers, candles, candle holders, crackers, etc.

Party decoration

Ideas for Wedding Anniversary Party Decoration

  • The best way to come up with remarkable decoration ideas is to go with the traditional or modern theme associated with the wedding anniversary year. If there is no specific theme for the year you are celebrating, you still have an array of various other themes to apply.
    For instance, you may consider a theme based on the celebrating couple’s favorite movie, holiday destination, or maybe a fancy dress theme.
  • Think of ways to recreate the setting of the couple’s wedding by exhibiting the original wedding dress on a mannequin. Wedding souvenirs and copies of old songs from the wedding can also be used.

    Party decoration 2

  • Display old and new pictures of the celebrating couple on a wall. You can have a poster board filled with anniversary couple’s wedding pictures, and photos from memorable events in their life.
    Collect such photos from close friends and family members. Make their copies and use them in your party decor. This idea for decoration works pretty well when celebrating the anniversary of a senior couple.
  • If you are looking for ideas to make the decorations meaningful for young couples, try to gather various pictures of the couple taken during vacations or special occasions like Christmas celebration, birthday parties and so on to remind them of the lovely time they spent together during the previous year.
  • Choose nice background music for the party. After all, in the words of Frank Zappa, “Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.”

    Party decoration 3

  • Search through a variety of table centerpieces to select appropriate ones that complement the party theme.
  • In case of 25th, 50th, 60th or other milestone wedding anniversary parties, you can personalize the decorations by using photos of the anniversary couple in photo frame place cards. Moreover, get personalized ribbons, balloons and coasters.
  • Think creatively to find interesting decoration ideas for party favors as well.

Combine your innovative ideas for decoration in a wedding anniversary celebration with brilliant food, party and invitation ideas to make the occasion fun and exciting for everyone.

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