Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Celebrating your wedding anniversary with truly romantic ideas in hand is a great way to help create some extremely special and memorable moments in your life.

When thinking about these romantic ideas, do not ignore simple details. Apparently, little things can convey the deepest of emotions.

If you do not believe in showing love even on special occasions, this famous quote by William Shakespeare might change your mind: “They do not love that do not show their love.” Nevertheless, you need not put up an exaggerated and artificial show of love. 

Wedding anniversary romantic ideas


Romantic Idea for Wedding Anniversary

  • While making plans to have a romantic wedding anniversary, keep your partner’s choice in mind. If you are not planning a surprise then discuss freely about your choices together to come up with some exciting idea. In case, you are planning a surprise, just follow your heart.
  • Going for a romantic getaway is a nice and awesome idea for celebrating your wedding anniversary. Choose your getaway destination as per your time and budget. You could also visit a carnival or festival. A couple fond of adventure activities can opt for roller coaster ride or sky diving.
  • Older couples can go for second honeymoon.
  • Incorporate romantic gifts for the occasion such as love letter, message in a bottle, a bouquet with love notes, poem, love coupons, etc.
  • Consider proposing your spouse all over again after several years of marriage.

    Romantic wedding anniversary

  • When tight on budget, you can think of fun and romantic activities like baking a cake together, playing games, pillow fight, strolling on a beach, dreamy picnic in your bedroom itself and so on. Just be spontaneous and before you know it, you will have a huge stock of memories to cherish, not to mention a renewed and vibrant relationship.
  • Start the day by getting up early and preparing quick breakfast for your beloved wife. Present the breakfast along with a bunch of roses for your lady love. Pick a theme for the dayand decorate your home accordingly.
  • Watching a play, movie or concert together cuddling each other is another interesting and romantic idea. Alternatively, you can watch your wedding video as well.
  • Include the traditional or contemporary anniversary theme and use it creatively to get romantic ideas for a wonderful wedding anniversary celebration. For instance, 2nd wedding anniversary theme is cotton. You can use this theme by getting comfortable cotton pajamas or bed sheets and create a perfect ambience keeping the color theme in mind. Similarly, for your 4th anniversary try romantic bedroom makeover using the silk/linen theme. Gift edible chocolate body paint to your partner on your 6th wedding anniversary to catch the theme of candy anniversary.

    Romantic wedding anniversary ideas

  • Taking a candlelit bubble bathwith your spouse is among some of the most cool and enjoyable romantic ideas for your wedding anniversary. Plus, keep chocolate coated strawberries by your side.
  • Put in some effort to recreate your first date to celebrate your anniversary in a meaningful way.
  • Prepare a love collage together. You will relive special moments while creating this collage by collecting old pictures, travel tickets, concert tickets, etc.
  • Having a romantic dinner at a restaurant is perhaps one of the most popular and convenient romantic ideas for a fabulous wedding anniversary. You can make this cozy celebration more luxurious by planning a romantic cruise dinner.

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” -Ingrid Bergman

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