75th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

It is not too often that you will get the opportunity to select gifts for the 75th wedding anniversary of a couple blessed with the benediction of being together, bonded in holy matrimony for 75 glorious years.

Traditional as well as modern gift symbol for this anniversary year is diamond. It symbolizes beauty, strength, love, eternity and purification.

According to Greek mythology, diamonds are believed to be “tears of the Gods”. Moreover, Romans believed that diamonds were splinters of fallen stars.

Diamond, nonetheless, is not the only choice you have. You can explore various other realms consisting of small yet meaningful and nostalgic gifts for a rare seventy-fifth wedding anniversary.

Old couple

Gift ideas for 75th wedding anniversary

  • The most obvious yet amazing gift to commemorate a 75th wedding anniversary is diamond jewelry and accessories such as brooches, rings cufflinks, tie pins, etc.
  • Presenting diamond watches to the couple is another superb gift idea for this milestone anniversary.
  • Apart from diamond, modern presents for this occasion may also include gold.
  • Getting a bunch of 75 flowers of your partner’s choice, tied with ribbon or placed in a beautiful vase makes a romantic gift for 75th diamond jubilee wedding anniversary. You can go for a bouquet of silver roses as well.

    Silver rose

  • At this stage of life, senior couples crave for the company of family and close friends. So, the best gift you can give to your parents on this occasion is your time. You can plan a family picnic to please your parents. Alternatively, plan a trip to a location that holds a sentimental value in the couple’s life.
  • Arranging for official state greeting for the celebrating couple from the head of state of government is a thoughtful gift idea for those who greatly regard influential personalities.
  • Involve your siblings in plans to make the anniversary memorable for your parents. This way, not only can you all come up with interesting ideas, but you can also reduce your budget load by contributing together in the gift.

    75th anniversary jewelry

  • Gather old pictures, clippings from family videos and other old memorabilia. Present this collection to the couple in a CD/DVD or collage and revive their delightful memories. Let the whole family sit together and enjoy this present to increase the joy of the couple manifold.
  • Similarly, compile a CD/DVD with the couple’s favorite classic songs or movies. If possible, get their first dance record, too.
  • Like the 60th diamond anniversary, color theme for 75th wedding anniversary, too is diamond white.

Anniversary flowers

Most popular gifts ideas for 75th wedding anniversary

  • 75th anniversary photo album
  • Gold picture frame studded with diamonds and having a nice family photo
  • Personalized anniversary quilt or pillow
  • Crystal figurines
  • 75th wedding anniversary plate
  • 75th wedding anniversary personalized gift candle
  • Personalized wedding anniversary gift basket
  • Personalized anniversary flutes
  • Original wedding day newspaper in a gift box

“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” – Dave Meurer, “Daze of Our Wives”

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