60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Gifts to commemorate the 60th wedding anniversary are best associated with diamond which is the traditional as well modern symbol for this anniversary.

You can surely learn a lot from this senior couple who has spent more than half a century together. William Shakespeare’s famous quote, “Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind” fits perfectly on such an accomplishment.

Therefore, your choice of gifts for celebrating a couple’s sixtieth wedding anniversary has got to be thoughtful and unique. You can take help from the following diamond wedding anniversary ideas for gifts.


  • Diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, etc. are excellent gifts for celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary. For men, look for exquisite diamond accessories such as cufflinks, tie tacks, etc. You may consider diamond encrusted watches as well.
  • Crystal glassware engraved with the couple’s name and wedding date is another wonderful present for a couple’s diamond wedding anniversary.
  • Gift boxed original newspaper from the date and year of the celebrating couple’s wedding day is another interesting idea. You can original newspapers from each of the couple’s date of birth as well.
  • Modern anniversary gifts for the 60th year of marriage may also incorporate gold.

    60th anniversary crystal

  • When looking for presents that are relatively less expensive then consider getting usual decorative items with diamond motifs or in diamond patterns. For instance, search for jewelry boxes or mirror frames with diamond motif inlays. Or, go for beautiful crystal water prism, crystal goblets, etc.
  • If you are looking for a romantic diamond anniversary gift for your spouse, consider getting a bouquet of 60 roses placed in a cut crystal vase.
    Plus, write a beautiful love message for make him/her feel special. Moreover, think of a café, park, restaurant, etc. that had been the most preferred location when you dated in your youth. Revive those old memories by visiting that place again after so many years.
  • Those who enjoy music can be gifted CD/DVD having their favorite songs. Collecting such old music albums, however, may be a bit troublesome.

    Diamond watch

  • Wondering what to present your parents on their diamond anniversary. Well, you could plan for them a weekend getaway to some romantic destination.
    Furthermore, arrange limousine airport pick and drop for them. In case, you are not sure if they would be comfortable traveling long distances, get them tickets to a play or dinner reservation at a classy restaurant.
  • Presenting a family portrait in diamond encrusted frame is another amazing gift idea for a special 60th wedding anniversary.
  • Sixtieth anniversary gemstone is Diamond or Star Ruby. Color theme for this occasion is diamond white. No specific flowers are associated with this anniversary year.

Diamond anniversary gift

Most popular gift ideas for 60th wedding anniversary

  • 60th wedding anniversary candles
  • Personalized oil candle
  • 60th anniversary photo frame
  • Engraved collage photo frame
  • Diamond anniversary hand painted pillow
  • Diamond wedding anniversary wall clock
  • Personalized diamond anniversary plate
  • Personalized jewelry
  • Personalized anniversary champagne flutes
  • 60th anniversary paperweight
  • 60th wedding anniversary gift basket
  • Gift certificates

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