50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Being a milestone anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary is best commemorated with special celebration and unique gifts.

It is a celebration of love and togetherness that proves “Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.”

Traditional as well modern gifts for celebrating the fiftieth wedding anniversary use gold as the theme. Needless to add, the color theme for this anniversary is also gold/yellow. This precious metal symbolizes optimism, strength, wisdom, wealth and prosperity.

Here are some fantastic gift ideas for a fabulous golden wedding anniversary

50th anniversary gold gift

  • Gold jewelry is definitely one of the best gifts for a memorable 50th wedding anniversary. You can look for gold pendants, earrings, rings or accessories like gold brooches, cufflinks, tie pins, etc.
  • Presenting gold watch engraved with a special message is another beautiful token of love.
  • Consider gifting real rose dipped in gold. You can present gold coated flowers individually or in a bouquet.
  • If not interested in gold or gold plated presents, you can incorporate gemstones like Golden Topaz, Golden Beryl, or Amethyst in your gift.

    Jewelry gift

  • In case you are thinking about a meaningful gift for celebrating a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary, consider preparing a family quilt for them. Ask each of the family members and the couple’s close friends to do each square.
  • Looking for a simple yet romantic gift idea for your spouse? Consider getting your beloved a bunch of 50 flowers tied with a gold ribbon along with a love letter.
    Those with a poetic bent of mind can compose a beautiful poem and put it down on paper in gold ink. You can also get love messages or poems engraved on your gift.
  • Those with a charitable disposition can give charity to an organization of their choice. Friends and family members can also contribute in charity on behalf of the couple.
  • If the senior couple is fond of music, consider getting them CD or DVD having a collection of music hits from the era of their wedding.
  • Scrapbook, collage or CD/DVD prepared by putting together precious memories in the form of memorable photographs, newspaper clippings from their wedding year and family video clippings is a great golden wedding anniversary gift idea for grandparents.

    Gold rose

    Encourage family members and close friends to share interesting stories about special incidents and events. Include these stories in your collage to make it special. Family tree can also be prepared by putting in some time and effort.

  • You can decorate a wish tree for parents or grandparents in accordance with the gold theme and put gifts like restaurant coupons, spa coupons, gift certificates, VIP passes to some event, etc. on the branches.
  • If your budget allows, plan a nice anniversary cruise for the couple. Or, plan a romantic weekend getaway to a destination they have always been keen to visit.
  • Apart from getting marvelous golden anniversary gifts for your parents, if possible, organize a surprise anniversary party as well.
  • 50th wedding anniversary flower is Violet. It denotes humility and faithfulness.


Most popular gifts for 50th wedding anniversary

  • Gold rimmed anniversary platter
  • Gold picture frame
  • Then and now photo frame
  • Gold plated candlesticks
  • Gold plated fortune cookies
  • Golden anniversary paperweight
  • Anniversary gift basket
  • Personalized crystal vase
  • Personalized crystal champagne flutes
  • Personalized golden anniversary champagne

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