4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Choosing gifts for landmark wedding anniversaries like the 1st, 25th, 50th and 75th anniversaries, though important, is not as confusing as choosing appropriate gifts for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th  wedding anniversaries.

Here’s some help. First, find out about the traditional and modern gift symbols associated with this anniversary. The color theme for fourth wedding anniversary is green and blue.

Books/ fruits/ flowers are regarded as traditional gifts for fourth wedding anniversary. However, as these items are quite simple and regular, you would surely want to add something else as well or else apply some creativity to make your present more delightful.

In case you are not interested in traditional gifts, consider articles prepared from linen or silk as modern gifts for celebrating the fourth wedding anniversary. Further, contemporary gift ideas for this anniversary year also include electrical and home appliances.


Gift ideas for 4th wedding anniversary

  • If you have made up your mind on gifting a pleasing flower bouquet to your partner, consider getting 4 separate bouquets to mark your fourth anniversary.
    Plus, attach love notes or messages stating the qualities that you adore the most in your beloved. Present each bouquet to her after every few hours.
  • Traditional flower for fourth wedding anniversary is Geranium which signifies peaceful mind.
  • Besides flowers, you can get your beloved clothing with floral pattern. Though floral prints are mostly associated with women, “gifts for him” can include subtle floral shirts, ties or cool Hawaiian shirts.

    Flower shaped jewelry

  • Getting exquisite flower shaped jewelry will surely make one of the most beautiful gifts for commemorating the 4th wedding anniversary celebration. Flower shaped jeweled sculpture is another amazing gift.
  • Personalized floral vase, personalized anniversary throws, quilts, linen home d├ęcor, silk tapestries, silk accessories, etc. are wonderful modern anniversary present for this year. You can also consider luxurious silk lingerie as a gift for your spouse.
  • If the couple is fond of bonsai trees, you can gift them elegant potted flowering bonsai plants. Moreover, these plants bring harmony, patience and good fortune.

    Blue topaz

  • 4th wedding anniversary gemstone is Blue Topaz or Blue Zircon (alternate gemstone is amethyst). So, you could get your partner sparkling jewelry prepared from any of these gemstones.
  • In case your man appreciates more functional gifts, you can get him electric shaver, ipod, gym equipment, garden tools, etc.
    If he loves sports, consider gifting him sports memorabilia. In addition, prepare delicious fruitcake, apple pie or cookies with rose water.
  • To infuse romance in your fourth wedding anniversary celebration, plan to visit a botanical garden together.


Given below is a list of most popular 4th wedding anniversary gifts that you may consider.

  • High quality linen bedding
  • Luxury silk bedding
  • Silk scarves and ties
  • Sports team hats
  • Nylon hammocks
  • Silk jewelry
  • Silk jewelry roll
  • Digital photo frame
  • Wine cooler
  • Mood lighting
  • Espresso and tea maker
  • Exotic fruit baskets
  • Floral scented candles

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