40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Gifts for a special 40th wedding anniversary, whether classic or contemporary, hold great importance in a couple’s heart when chosen and presented with sincere feelings and good wishes.

Moreover, the mature couple may like to get meaningful and romantic presents for each other. After all, “A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the giver.”- Thomas á Kempis.

Traditional as well as modern gift symbols for the fortieth wedding anniversary is ruby. It is a symbol of powerful feelings. Plus, it denotes love and immortality. It is believed that ruby stimulates love if worn close to the heart.

40th anniversary

Given below are a few helpful gift ideas for a memorable 40th wedding anniversary

  • Sparkling ruby studded jewelry such as earring, ring, bracelet, brooch, etc. is one of the best ruby  anniversary gifts. You can look for exquisite ruby embedded watches as well. Consider ruby cufflinks, tie pins or other such accessories for men.
  • In case you are not interested in jewelry, explore other options that nonetheless, catch the ruby theme. For instance, select gifts like ruby colored vase, dinnerware, ruby red personalized quilts, winter throws, red clothing etc.
  • Lovely red crystal home décor, fine art pieces, beautiful figurines make wonderful presents for this occasion, especially for those who adore art decorations.

    Red crystal vase

  • Romantic gifts include personalized poetry scroll or message in bottle. Besides, make this day even more special for the two of you by going for a candle light dinner. Do not forget to get a charming and fragrant flower bouquet for your spouse.
  • If your partner appreciates humor, consider giving a funny cartoon photo sketch of a recent picture of the two of you together.
  • When getting a gift for your parents’ fabulous fortieth wedding anniversary think about your parents’ tastes and preferences to come up with a fabulous idea.
    For instance, if they love going out on vacations, you could arrange a cruise trip for them. Or, for inquisitive souls, how about a trip to ruby mine? In case, they like to keep things simple, consider sending the couple on a vineyard trip.

    Ruby necklace

  • Those who lay more emphasis on family values would cherish thoughtful gifts such as collection of memorable pictures and videos. You can put these articles on a wish tree decorated with red glitters, streamers, roses, etc. You can also add gift certificates.
  • Plan a family date. The couple would enjoy spending time with family. Besides, you could compile a CD or DVD having the couple’s favorite old songs. Your gift need not be expensive; it would be truly special if it manages to bring a heartfelt smile on the couple’s face.
  • 40th wedding anniversary flower is Nasturtium. Color theme for this anniversary is ruby red.

40th anniversary flower

Some popular gifts for 40th wedding anniversary

  • Personalized anniversary newspaper year book
  • Personalized anniversary plate
  • Personalized scented candle
  • Personalized anniversary clock
  • Ruby wedding anniversary paperweight
  • Engraved crystal wine glasses
  • Love knots toasting flutes
  • Ruby themed bottle of personalized champagne
  • 40th wedding anniversary gift basket
  • 40th wedding anniversary photo frame

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