1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Need help in finding wonderful and memorable gift for your a special first wedding anniversary. Here are a few gift ideas to celebrate the completion of the first year which is considered as one of the hardest years of marriage.

  • You can ponder over paper gifts as paper is the traditional gift symbol for 1st anniversary because it symbolizes strength as well as delicate nature of a one-year old marriage.
    So, you can consider presenting a bouquet of paper flowers, either handmade at home or purchased.
  • Paper flower bouquet

  • Some other popular gifts that can be presented on a 1st wedding anniversary include books, stationery, magazine subscription, coupons, gift vouchers, airline tickets, tickets for sporting events, concerts and so on. Getting a copy of newspaper from the date of marriage is another popular present for newlyweds.
  • Apply your creativity to come up with interesting origami creations. Such paper craft adds personal touch to your gift and removes the element of monotony.
  • The celebrating couple, in particular, can present a collage or scrapbook with memorable pictures of their first year together. You can also prepare a card with pleasing message or poetry for your spouse.
  • In case you are thinking about something more romantic, pour out your feelings for your partner in a unique love letter on decorative paper and place it beside his/her pillow to bring a beautiful smile on your beloved’s face.

    Origami art

  • Getting an engraved anniversary message in a bottle is another nice gift for husband or wife for the first wedding anniversary.
  • Paper jewelry, recycled paper bracelets and other such items serve as charming paper anniversary gifts for women. Men, on the other hand, would be more than pleased to receive their favorite gadgets.
    Keepsake boxes decorated with gemstones are also delightful. You can also consider giving sculpted jewelry tree or paintings to couples who adore artwork.
  • Gifts for celebrating the completion of first year of marriage need not be expensive. So, concentrate on meaningful presents that can help strengthen the couple’s relationship.
    For instance, you can present an anniversary journal or memory book meant for recording celebrations of each and every wedding anniversary of the couple.
  • Carnations

  • Personalized items like personalized spoof newspaper article, personalized calendar of couple’s photos, personalized lovopoly gamesheet, engraved photo frame, engraved champagne flutes, personalized anniversary plate, engraved silver stones and other such items make fabulous gifts for a couple’s 1st wedding anniversary.
    It may sound weird but some people even opt for personalized 1st anniversary toilet paper as a gift to incorporate fun.
  • Coming to contemporary gifts, you can present personalized scalloped mantel clocks, vintage clocks, watches, personalized pocket watches etc. to celebrate the successful completion of first year of marriage.
  • Pearl bracelet

  • Clocks signify timeless love that it further strengthened by time itself. You can combine both traditional and modern themes for this anniversary by preparing unique clock shaped paper card.
  • If you are fascinated by gemstones, consider pearls, particularly freshwater pearls, gold or peridot. These stones are traditionally associated with 1st anniversary. Pearls denote purity. Plus, it is believed that they bring good luck.
  • Flowers like Carnation, Pansy or Orange blossom make lovely gifts for the first anniversary of a couple. You can also add quotes like “To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven” in the card accompanying flowers. Carnations denote ties of everlasting vows related to holy matrimony.

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2 Responses to “1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts”

  1. Cheryl says on :

    My husband managed to cover BOTH the first anniversary gifts on the 1st anniversary lists by giving me a gift certificate (paper) for a rainbow sundial (clock) that he found online. It sits in the windowsill and makes prism colors when the sun hits it, and it has date lines for our anniversary and birthdays that the time shadow follows on the special days each year. How cool is that!

  2. Rachel says on :

    Wow Cheryl that is so nice. The 1st wedding anniversary gift you got is simply marvelous.

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